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We are #TeamFrida

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There's strong and then there's Frida strong!

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There’s strong and then there’s Frida strong

Frida's story never fails to spark both fascination and empathy when shared. Frida's hope is to inspire people that no limitation is too much to keep from living a beautiful life.

Tara and Lisa met in elementary school and reconnected later in life, to find they had like-minded dreams and hearts full of love for animals. They embarked on a volunteer trip to work with elephants in Thailand, where they found and rescued Frida from the streets. Frida's inspiration comes from her being a survivor and an overcomer.

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Meet the Team


Lisa Chong

President & Co-Founder

Dr. Lisa Chong is an obstetrician/gynecologist practicing in Southern California. Author of The Gray Adventure, a children’s book that promotes education surrounding elephant conservation, she believes animals make the world a better place. 

Favorite moments with Frida: Watching her stand on her prosthetic braces for the first time and watching her run on the beach under the glorious sunset of New Years Day 2020.


Tara Austin

Director & Co-Founder

Tara is an Interior Designer in Los Angeles with a passion for wildlife conservation, travel, art, and photography. Creativity and compassion is the love language she speaks.

Favorite moments with Frida: Every single time she sees Frida! Her adorable whimpers of excitement are so sweet. It's priceless!


Lynne Barker


Lynne has been a local resident in Huntington Beach, CA for 14 years. She feels profoundly privileged to work with Frida and assist with her inspiring rehabilitation journey.

About: Meet the Team

It takes a village!

Frida has friends from all over the world who have helped her along her amazing journey.

About: Meet the Team

Lek Chailert

Founder of Elephant Nature Park

Chiang Mai, Thailand

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